UPDATE: The Hire Just One jobs bill has been introduced to Congress.

On January 3rd, 2013, Pennsylvania Representative Mike Fitzpatrick introduced the “Hire Just One Act of 2013” to the House Committee on Ways and Means. Please download and read Bill H. R. 51.

Here’s how the federal government
can create up to 4 million jobs right now.

We can create up to 3 to 4 million jobs within 120 days of legislative passage of my new Hire Just One initiative. (Sign our petition now.)

First, it must be understood that profitable businesses throughout the country in general, have trimmed back their payrolls to be more efficient.

To create new, good-paying jobs immediately, the government must implement a financial incentive for businesses that, quite frankly, is simply too good to resist.

The new Hire Just One initiative will be an expedited process by which businesses are assigned the weekly unemployment compensation payments being received by each new person that they hire (providing that the individual being hired has been unemployed for at least six months).

There are only a few requirements to make this work. First, the new job must pay at a minimum, double the amount of the unemployment benefits. Secondly, the company must not eliminate another position simply to take advantage of this program.

Third, this Hire Just One jobs initiative is to be offered for a maximum of 120 days after legislation is enacted, as an incentive for businesses to enroll immediately.

Let’s look at a hypothetical situation. J. Doe has been unemployed for more than six months and is receiving $350 per week in unemployment compensation. XYZ Company is in need of an employee but because of the slow economy they’re reluctant to pay the $700 per week salary that the job requires.

My plan is to have the government pay the XYZ Company the $350 compensation weekly,  which encourages the company to hire right now and not wait for some future tax refund.

The other employees at XYZ feel a sense of relief that the trimming of payroll (layoffs) has stopped. Soon they’ll start spending their pent-up savings on things that they put off buying.

This spending actually starts a new cycle of benefits that come back to the local, state and federal governments and the entire economy.

Consumer confidence will increase – creating yet more jobs which will reduce future unemployment compensation payments. It will increase tax income as more companies hire and the unemployment rate drops.

Stock portfolios will increase in value, which automatically brings more dollars into the economy.

Imagine a program so simple that it can turn the entire economy around in months not years.

So many people have written to tell me that this idea makes a lot of sense. Now we just need to get our legislators to move on this quickly. You can help by signing our petition. Add your name and tell Congress our economy can’t wait any longer.

Gene Epstein
Founder, Hire Just One
Newtown, PA