Business Benefits

Putting people back to work benefits everyone.

No one wants to be on unemployment. The self-esteem that comes with being employed and contributing to society helps to put everyone in a positive frame of mind. It also puts our economy back on track.

If the government would send those unemployment checks to the employer hiring that individual, it would be helping to offset the cost of a new employee for a company that needs to hire, but doesn’t quite have the money or is willing to take the risk right now. A newly employed person comes off the unemployment rolls, and instead of relying on government compensation that they can barely live on, they now have a meaningful job. This reduces the stress of being unemployed, and in turn, your other employees feel more secure in their jobs.

Next, the cycle of spending starts. The new employee starts spending his/her income on goods and services that they could not afford when they were unemployed. The other employees start spending their ‘pent up’ savings, knowing that their employer is now expanding and not laying people off. This reduces stress for all your employees and consequently will make them more productive.

So you, as a small business owner/operator, will wind up being the beneficiary of a more productive workforce, and as other businesses follow suit, the demand for your goods and services will increase, eventually causing you to hire even more employees.

When the markets see that the employment figures of small businesses are increasing, they will react positively, causing stocks and investment values to grow. That in turn increases individuals’ values of pensions and retirement funds and they will start to spend, creating the need for even more jobs.

Small and large businesses that have been sitting on cash will start to use that to expand their business.

The entire economy is dependent on you and other small business owners taking control right NOW. We cannot afford to wait for government to act then legislate and finally institute programs that are confusing and time consuming.

It is up to you and the other 5,700,000 small businesses to act, and act now. It is your future and the future of our economy.

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