In the News

Fox News, April 6, 2012
Congress eyes job creation incentives through Pennsylvania man’s Hire Just One program

Huffington Post, January 27, 2012
One Million Jobs in 120 Days

TCPalm, Palm Beach, Florida, January 24, 2012
Editorial: Innovative proposal seeks to put 1 million Americans back to work

TCPalm, Palm Beach, Florida, January 21, 2012
Gene Epstein: Hire Just One initiative to create a million jobs within 120 days by allowing government to transfer unemployment payments to employers

Lisa Osborne, KFWB, Los Angeles. November 26, 2010
Get Back to Work!

Fox News: America’s Newsroom, November 25, 2010
Man Pledges Charity Donation if Business Hires One Employee

AOL. Original. November 10, 2010
Gene Epstein: Saving America One Job at a Time and Busting the Recession

CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. November 4, 2010
Millionaire’s One-Man Stimulus Plan a Success

The Rod Arquette Show. KNRS 105.7, Salt Lake City, Utah. October 26, 2010

The Huffington Post. October 21, 2010
Gene Epstein is HuffPost’s Greatest Person of the Day

The Take Away. October 18, 2010
Gene Epstein Asks Businesses to “Hire Just One”.

WNYC: New York Public Radio. October 18, 2010
Gene Epstein Asks Businesses to ‘Hire Just One’.

The Huffington Post. October 1, 2010
80 businesses signed up to hire an unemployed worker

Bucks County Courier Times. September 30, 2010
$10,000 matching grant to copay fund

The Michael Smerconish Show. September 21, 2010
Michael interviews Gene Epstein

Fox 29 News. September 20, 2010
Local Man’s Plan to Boost Job Market

The Philadelphia Inquirer. September 19, 2010
A Bucks County man’s challenge for churning out new jobs

The Doylestown Intelligencer, September 10, 2010
Rebuilding the economy, one job at a time

Huffington Post. September 9, 2010
Philanthropist will donate $1,000 to charity every time a business hires an unemployed person

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer. September 7, 2010
Welcome to Third World America