About us

Gene Epstein
President and Founder, Hire Just One

Born in 1939 in the Logan section of North Philadelphia, Gene was the youngest of three children. At the age of eleven his father died. That same year, in addition to having two newspaper delivery routes,  Gene started a bicycle repair shop from his home. At the age of sixteen he borrowed fifty dollars from his mother to purchase a 1951 Studebaker with the intention of re-selling it. Within 48 hours he sold the car for $155.00 and gave his mother half of the profit towards their delinquent mortgage.

By the time he graduated high school he paid off their mortgage and Gene made his mother quit her job. At the age of twenty he opened his first used car dealership while attending Temple University and the following year expanded it to a larger location.

In 1972 Gene was awarded the first Mazda dealership franchise in Northeast United States subsequently adding Buick and Dodge. From the time Gene was a child he was always donating money to charities. It was in his genes. His grandparents were of less than modest means, owning a candy store but always sharing anything they had extra with the church next door. His father Samuel had added to the support of many relatives that were having difficult times. These are the people that set the pattern for Gene’s life – a desire to help others.

In 1985, finding no mental challenge in the automobile business, he retired and has devoted his time to many novel humanitarian programs of his own design.  Outspoken to a fault, but always up front with everyone, he has championed many causes and still nothing has slowed him down. If anything he is more determined now than ever to make life better for everyone. It is his “Raison d’etre”.

Contact Info: gene@hirejustone.org


Theodore Caputi
Public Relations Director, Hire Just One

Theodore is very devoted to the Hire Just One cause, and he has devoted himself to making sure it becomes a success. Theodore has worked with the Gene and Marlene Epstein Humanitarian Fund for four years, and he finds the work he does both rewarding and worthwhile. Theodore does a good amount of work with building community leaders and has a special passion for student leadership. When the 2008 stock market crashed and the unemployment rate skyrocketed, Theodore realized it wasn’t enough to train students – he had to make sure that opportunities would be available for them when they graduate. Theodore is passionate about turning the economy around and dedicates his work to his unemployed friends and family members suffering through these tough times.

Theodore wants to get in touch with you! If you’d like to work with Hire Just One to get the word out to your community and/or to contact your local government representative, please contact Theodore.

Contact info:
E-mail: Theodore@hirejustone.org
Phone: 1-(443) 993-9461